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Bracelets by Chris
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Spiritual Bracelets
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Chris will also design little girl's bracelets, team spirit bracelets, or anything else you can imagine!  Every attempt will be made to accommodate customized requests. 

Mother's Bracelet
Single Strand $50
Additional Strand $20

Single Stranded Mother's Bracelet

Every bracelet is made with sterling silver beads, bali beads, and Swarovski crystal accents. Moreover, each bracelet is unique and personalizable.

Add names, birthstones, and more. You decide.

An excellent gift for the mother or grandmother.  (Visit the photo gallery for examples.) 

Photo Gallery

Double Stranded Mother's Bracelet


Spiritual Bracelet


Sterling silver and Bali beads combined with SwarovskiŽ crystals to serve as a constant reminder of Christ in our lives.

Black represents the sins of man. Red reminds us that his blood was shed. Clear/White reminds us we can put our faith in Him. Blue symbolizes the Holy Spirit sent to guide us. Green signifies growth in our new life. Gold reminds us of the Heaven He has promised us.

One-half off all profits from these Spiritual Bracelets will be donated to Tender Loving Care Hospice

 Single Strand $50

Bracelets by Chris *404 Nathan Dr* Powell, OH  43065